Sisters of Nia…our Curriculum

Adolescent girls are at the stage where developmental changes coincide with other transitions, more specifically the transitions from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school (Belgrave, et al., 2008). Not only are their bodies changing, but their lives, goals, behaviors, and personalities are in transition as well. Sisters of Nia sets out to help girls strive during these difficult changes by providing curriculum in which girls are supported, nurtured, and empowered. Each lesson is based on Afrocentric principles and are grade level specific. Below are the key topics that will be discussed by grade level.

6th Grade

  • Focus on developing the self
  • Create a sense of sisterhood
  • Introduction of African history


7th Grade

  • Focus on individuality
  • Focus on leadership
  • Developing a sense of unity
  • In-depth study of African history

8th Grade

  • Focus on leadership
  • Focus on entrepreneurship
  • HBCU/Black history tour
  • Rites of passage preparation