Elease Terry

  • Construction Industry since 1991.
  • Graduated from National University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
  • Active Board Member of Construction Financial Management Association
  • Member of Sacramento Foster Care Association
  • Vice President/Finance and Officer of Otto Construction since 2009


Duties include but not limited to:
  • General leadership related to the financial mission of the corporation including setting of tasks, motivations of staff, defining and clarifying goals, day-to-day operations, training and mentoring staff.
  • Monitoring the financial health of the corporation, including reviewing regular transactions, internal budgets, cash management, capital expenditures, investments, corporate and employee insurance programs and any business transactions that affect the bottom line.

As a key member of senior management team, we work closely together to drive growth, profitability and improve on short term and long term goals that outline the corporation’s financial position, opportunities and risks based on past, present and future operations.

Responsible for the accuracy and timely submission of financial reports to senior management, board of directors, major stakeholders including financial institutions and sureties.

Interface and build long term relationships with major stakeholders with financial interest in the corporation’s health.

Monitor and conduct monthly audits of expenditures, assets and liabilities to ensure financial reports are accurate.